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Gleanings from #Exponential Day 2.3 @MilesMcPherson , @JeffVanderstelt, & @EfremSmith

Miles McPherson

When the disciple goes from the controlled environment of the classroom to the chaos of God’s testing it’s the forming fire of discipleship.

Don’t miss that the disciples are God’s not yours.

Don’t miss the possibility of what God can do around you, through you, in the midst of you.


When starting something new, going somewhere new, etc, include a grieving period into the change.

Jeff Vanderstelt
If we forget that the goal is not to fill a building with the glory of god, but the whole earth. The glory of glory is found in his children living out his teachings and love. Will we limit it to an environment we foster or will we release it to God’s full environment.

Life on life discipleship is powerful because it is there we model/witness the truth of belief in action.
Life in community is required because it is in the larger group that we fully challenge and grow with each other.
Life on mission is where life on life and life in community becomes full alive and creates change and momentum.

Has the fact that Jesus gave himself away for you lead you to the place that you give your life away for others?

Do the people in your church expect you to kick them out? Are the ready? If they never expect to be kicked out, they’ll never be ready.

Efrem Smith
God brings new life out of dry bones. God’s new life is about community which calls for reconciliation between the divided. This new community life has God in the center.

Gleanings from #Exponential Day 2.2 – @Chris_Hodges, @rickwarren, @GeneAppel

Chris Hodges
Arena-I know and you know about this about me
Mask – I know, you don’t know this about me
The Blind spot-you know, I don’t know this about me
The Potential – I don’t know, you don’t know, only God knows this about me

Potential must be connected to others. A hand without an arm is meaningless. An arm without a shoulder….

A person not connected to the people is incomplete. Our relationship pains limit us from connecting to others.

Read Genesis 11. See Terah dies in the city with a similar name of his youngest son who died (Haran, Harran Genisis 11:27-32). Do we tend to move past our memory of pain or dwell there. When we move beyond our pain, the blessings of God are greater.

In God’s garden of grace, even broken trees can and will bear fruit. – Rick Warren

You can’t produce disciples through preaching alone. We are good “forgetters.”

You only believe what you do. Our beliefs are measured by our actions.

Maturity is measured by the ability to reproduce.
Until we are reproducing disciples, we are immature believers.

Your growth is by your choice to do so. Intentionality is the key.
Your growth will be progressive and gradual. Incremental growth is natural.
Know Christ -> Love Christ -> Love His Family -> Love Others
Your growth will be based on who you are and your life. Personal growth occurs personally.
Your growth will be built upon you pattern, rhythms, and actions. Habits create the pathway for growth
Your growth is dependent upon those around you. Relationships test and enhance you.
Your growth is not about just one aspect or experience. Multidimensional learning opens the door for greater growth.
Your growth will come in spurts. Seasons in life affect how your grow.
Your growth will occur as you allow Christ to dwell in you. Incarnation of Jesus in our daily life is the desire and nothing less that makes our growth a reality.

Gene Appel shared his personal story of being discipled first by his dad then by a pastor through and internship. He spoke about the crisis of a broken marriage and obeying overwhelmed by the machine of ministry and the recall to be a disciple. He rediscovered discipleship in a group of five men who were real, honest, confidential, and caring.
Don’t allow the machine of ministry to overcome the mandate of discipleship.
The greatest transformations in life don’t occur in the masses, but in the intimacy of mentorships and relationships.
Most of us won’t engage or experience true discipleship because it is such a hard journey. (Appel’s Minnesota fishing lake that is hidden away)
Who will we go out of the way to mentor/disciple?
Stop waiting for someday – choose today who you’ll go out of the way to help experience change, transformation. Don’t forget to include your children!

Gleanings from #Exponential Day 2.1 and @KarlVaters on being a small church #discipleshift

Exponential Day 2 (Oct 9) morning workshop

Thought I was a “big church pastor” who just hadn’t arrived yet. What I discovered is I’m a “small church pastor”. -Karl Vaters

Pastoring a small church is ok, but settling for less is NEVER ok.

What if small churches are a part of Jesus’ idea? Take note that mega churches are the exception to the global numbers. Greater than 80% of the churches across the global are smaller than 250 people in attendance.

“Getting to a 1,000 people” isn’t a plan. It’s a dream, but not a plan to fix things.

Reality TV about restaurant turn a rounds show us that simplifying and mastering the little things is often the best thing. Could we as church leaders learn from these shows?

If you’re Pastoring a small church, do it well. If only 20 people show up, don’t preach for 500. Connect with the 20!

Embrace the size you are. Experiment. Find your niche. Innovate. Be entrepreneurial.

Invest in the things (ministries) that produce life change, not just numbers.

Being a small church allows for greater connection between the pastor and the people. This is helpful for leveraging life change.

Small group care doesn’t work for everyone. Many need the dynamics of the pastor more closely to their life.

Know what you do and do it as best as you can.

Small churches aren’t always plateaued. If you’re sending out (on purpose) at a rate that decreases the size, while new people come in, and they equalize out, you’ll look plateaued but you’re not.

Don’t be a “timid little church” or a “white chapel” group. This is settling for “I guess….” You can be small and still impact the kingdom. Be content with how God made you and what he has given you. But contentment and settling are two different things.

Know what you are wired for to understand if you are a “big church pastor” in waiting or a “small church pastor”.

Small churches are successfully. The Mayflower was a small church. The Underground Railroad was a connection of small churches. In Romania, Communism was overthrown through a small church.

Your church is big enough right now to do what Jesus wants you to do right now!

Gleanings from #Exponential Day1 #Discipleshift

Gleanings from Exponential day 1 (10/8/13)
Helping new disciples understand where they are headed to, what they’re saved for, is the missing link.

What are the key things expected out of each person?

“As you are more satisfied with Jesus, you’ll want others to be satisfied in Jesus!” -Derwin Grey

Loving yourself correctly inward

If you’re a disciple, you are first a foremost a follower. You then move with the teacher.

Disciple making is an initiative issue. It only happens when a teacher initiates a relationship and selects a disciple.
Disciple making is challenged because it takes time & sacrifice.

Before you and I came into the world, we had two people working on our behalf. – Robert Coleman

There are no short cuts to parenting/raising kids and discipleship. – Coleman

If you’ve never been discipled, how can you truly disciple another.

Process of selection:
1. Prayer
2. Spirit’s guidance
3. The willing
4. Those who demonstrate an ability to pass it along.
5. The industrious
6. Fidelity (how they do with little things, personal money management, “another’s” responsibilities, prioritization – Luke 16:10-13 Rick Warren)
7. The ability to reproduce
8. Can I really help this person?

Proximity is the essential principal factor of discipleship – with him. The most significant transference occurs in the informal moments.
Teaching while you are side by side is powerful.

Plan of action with a disciple (Rick Warren -SHARE)
Study the scripture together
Help with a personal practical need
Assign a homework project
Review memory scriptures
Encourage with prayer

The goal of discipleship is not piety, it is sanctified for service.

If you’re not invited into the home, Jesus says go to the next town.

Review what Jesus says when he sends the disciples out out.
Don’t take a purse
Don’t take a staff
Eat what is before you
Find the person of peace

In the process of making disciples, don’t forget to be a disciple of the Master. If you find yourself far from the master, remember how sweet he is, repent of the distractions, return to his presence. – Shawn Mitchell

Help me to remember that I am the minister, not the messiah.

The Pharisees of the first century did not intend to become the “Pharisees” we know them as. How possible is that you and I can become just like them?

Don’t allow your passion to overcome your compassion. – Larry Osborne

Discipleship is not solely about leadership.

we love the hardcore lost and the baby Christian. “It’s cute when they sear in their prayers.” – Larry Osborne

The front of the line is dangerous because it is the place where “pride” creeps in. Pride is looking down on others. What’s wrong vs what Jesus is up to.

Everyone in the line is a disciple, even the person at the front of the line. Never forget that!

When our pride limits who is in the line and their placement, we rule out the possibility that God is at work. Joseph of Arimathea, a Pharisee, was a secret disciple. He found the courage to be used by God to make the resurrection possible.

The measure we use to judge others is used on us.

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